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Would you date someone who believes in a different religion?


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Would you ever date someone who doesn't follow the same religion as you? I think I would, but since I'm not very religious, I hope to meet someone who isn't that religious as well.

But, I wouldn't count someone out because of their beliefs and religion. For me though, I would prefer to meet someone non religious or someone who isn't very serious about their religion.

What about you guys?


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I probably would not, but only because if someone has totally different religious beliefs (or is non-religious) things would eventually get weird. For me, they would have to at least believe in the same religion as me, even if they aren't as religious, if that makes sense.


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No. Not because I have anything against people for believing differently but because when kids come into the picture, things would surely get heated. I am not religious but I am a Christian so my beliefs are pretty set in their ways. I follow what Christ taught and do my best to live by that. It is not always easy though.

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