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What do you think, is this real or not?

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We've sort of established that the coronavirus that's doing the rounds is not as harmful as people thought at first.

But in countries were the healthcare systems cannot cope with the virus outbreak it seems a different story.

The following is leaked footage, published by the British BBC and shows a horrific picture of bodies piling up in the morgue of the Iranian city of Qom.

So, what are your thougths on this, real and if so, could this virus be a threat after all?



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Based on what I know of this virus, it is a very weak strain. It is strong enough to kill people who have weakened immune systems but you have to be in a very bad way. The deaths that are being tallied from around the world are from those who were already chronically ill, many of which are over the age of 75 as well. Maybe it is just me but I feel like the media is blowing this WAY out of proportion. H1N1 was a bigger issue and more deadly back in 2009 and people weren't reacting this way.

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