Students suffer from separation anxiety when shool takes smartphone away

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We live in times where people can suffer from all sorts of conditions that nobody knew existed.

Like separation anxiety that occurs when students are separated from their smartphones.

Teachers across the US are comparing notes on what the best ways to manage this anxiety are. Some of them allow students to physically hold their phones in pouches that they can't open during class. Others let students charge their phones at stations in class instead of having to leave them alone in their lockers. 

Some teachers even offer extra credit to students for being able to part with their phones during class. 

So, what are your thoughts on separation anxiety?

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Ha! Yeah I don't doubt that is happening, not for a second. Getting kids to part with their smartphones, good luck!! My own kids aren't too bad with it, but they are older now. 27 and 23. 

People have anxiety about everything nowadays. When I was younger it was just, shut up and go to work! Glad I am not addicted to my phone or anything with technology. 



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It seems hard to believe that kids could have separation anxiety with regards to their phones, but to be honest, not much surprises me in that respect anymore. We're all glued to them, myself included. 


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