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More and more scientists believe in a parallel universe

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Just imagine that alongside the world we live, there is one or several parallel universes.

That in our universe Biden was the winner on Super Tuesday, but in a universe right next to us, it was Sanders.

It's hard to imagine, but more and more scientists think that they exist.

Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll expressed that clues in the small-scale structure of the universe point to the existence of numerous parallel worlds.

The shocking comments were made on the Jeff Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast last year. Carroll says that the fact that tiny particles like electrons and photons don’t have one set location in the universe is evidence that there are many parallel universes.
In the following video there are some real life experiences of people who ended up in what they claim was a different universe.

What do you think?



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I can't think about this too much, it makes me feel a bit crazy. If you contemplate a parallel universe it's actually pretty scary. On what basis have the scientists concluded that they exist? Or is it just that they somehow believe it?

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