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Welcome to Discussion Forums. We do our best to foster a friendly and chatty environment where possible, and to that end, we have a few rules we'd like to ask everyone to abide by.

1) No spam. A relevant link or two in the context of a logical discussion is fine, but we do not allow blatant advertising or spam posts. You may not use your forum signature to promote your link(s).

2) No 18+/gory/shocking material. We want to keep the site as welcoming as possible, so we do not allow any objectionable material.

3) No insulting or harassment of other members. Friendly ribbing and intense conversation is okay, but we do not allow name-calling.

4) No racist/homophobic/sexist discourse. Please do your part to keep this a tolerant community.

Furthermore, please ensure you post in the correct sub-forum where possible, and stay on topic as much as possible. Remember that you are solely responsible for what you post.

Topics may be edited, moved, or locked at our discretion.

Any violations of the above rules may result in bans or account deletions for serious infractions.

Thanks for your attention to these rules!


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