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Have you ever heard about Fibromyalgia? It is widespread pain in the body that is accompanied by fatigue and a whole host of other issues, such as depression, migraines, joint and muscle pain, and much more. Many doctors do not believe in it. Luckily, the Mayo Clinic believes in it, and they are the best doctors in the world. However, this is a real disease that can really take a toll on those that suffer from it.

My husband has it. No pain killers work for him. Opiates do not work either. The medications that are for fibro do not work for him, in fact, they make his pain worse.

His pain jumps from body part to body part. Today it may be concentrated in his right ankle and left shoulder. But tomorrow the pain may be in his lower back.

He is always tired. He says his coffee cup feels like 25 pounds. He gets headaches and has had severe stomach pain. He has had every single symptom except for the ones that are female related.

I get so mad when people do not understand what he is going through. I have heard "Tell him to take a nap, he will feel better" or "Pop a Tylenol, it will help". Sorry but neither of those works.

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