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What is your dream job? Do you believe you have a chance to get into your dream occupation?


I love sports and fitness, so my dream job would be anything involving coaching athletes or just regular people who want to get in shape. I have been studying fitness and nutrition a bit and I am considering going all-in to get into that field. What about you all?



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I have never been able to identify what my dream job would be. Or even what kind of job I would just love to do, regardless of it being perfect or not.

Some of the components of a great job for me involve flexible hours, variation, and decent pay. But as far as exactly what that would look like, or a job description/title... I can't quite figure it out for myself.


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I did manage to get my dream job, although a bit later than orignally planned.

I always dreamed of flying and being a pilot as long as I can rememer. When I was very young my dad who was a truckdriver took me sometimes to airfields where we could watch the planes fly.

My dream was over when I was eight or nine and found out I was scared of heigths. That was, end of dream and I concentrated on other things.

Years later when I was around 25 I sort of forget that I was scared of height and accepted an invation of my next door neighbour who was a glider pilot during the weekends. 

So I got in this glider plane and all of a sudden I realised that being scared of heights had nothing to do with flying.

And from that moment onward I spent the next four years going to college and building up flying hours. I even took out a second mortgage on my house to pay for it all, because it was not cheap.

When I finally got all my licensen there too many pilots and I could not find a job anywhere, so I decided to set up my own company and managed to survive for a few years, until the competition got too much,

But anyway, for a few years I had my dream job.



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My dream job would be making movies, but due to my anxiety, I never went for it. I wanted to go to Full Sail for filmmaking when I was a teen. Even had a temp dream of being a game developer and even a game tester.

My first ever dream job was to be a pro wrestler. I grew up huge into it, and I wanted to become a wrestler at some point. But, I didn't do that because of my anxiety and because I didn't want to get injured like many wrestlers do. I then wanted to become an artist, then a comic book writer, then I wanted to make my own magazine, and then I wanted to make my own anime like Dragon Ball Z. After this, I wanted to become a game tester, then developer and then a filmmaker. Which is still my dream job in some ways.


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I would love to own a craft store and sell some of my work. I love to paint on canvases and wooden surfaces. I also knit some. I think this would be a dream come true if I were able to do that.

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