Do you think going to college is worth it?


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Personally I don't really think going to college is worth it. Currently I am in debt $6000 or so because of student loans, and that was just from one year of going. It is a small amount compared to others who've stayed in college for years.

I just don't think college is worth it, due to the fact that people go in debt and often times, they can't even find a job they majored in. If you want to do a certain job, I instead recommend taking up a trade instead of full on going to college. Or, utilize the internet to learn a subject you'd like to try to work in. Maybe you can attain all the skills you need this way, instead of going to college.

What do you guys think? Is college important? Or do you disagree?


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I think college CAN be worth it in some cases, but you have to be smart about it. Some people go to college but end up without a good career because they are either A) lazy or B) chose a meaningless degree program, or both.

If you work hard and choose/plan the right career path in an "in-demand" field, you can make enough money to where you can have your student loans paid off in a reasonable amount of time. It is also a good option for a lot of people to go to community or technical college to save money.


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Ultimately I think it's almost always worth it, just because it will usually land you a job with benefits and such, as well as retirement. Without a degree you're pretty much on your own in some important ways. I do feel like the cost of a college education is exorbitant though. There's no way a degree should cost as much as it does. Everyone benefits from a well educated society too, so why make it so high threshold? I never understood that.


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I do not think that everyone needs to go if they do not feel right about going. And not everyone is cut out for school. Look how many people hated school when you were in high school.

Others do well with trade schools and then will not have as large of a loan if they opt to go that way. Others want to enter the workforce right away or do internships. There is nothing wrong with those options either.


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It's hard to say for sure. It's good from an overall income point of view. But I don't like all the social programming going on in colleges and universities these days, it's a scary thing to see happen.

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