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Do you think Boxing is a dying sport?


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I hate to say it, but boxing isn't as popular as it once was. There is still some interest in it, but I feel like it could be a dying sport at this point. With MMA taking the majority of fans these days, I don't see Boxing rebounding. What do you guys think of boxing? Do you think it's still popular?
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I mean probably. People only get excited for like 2 fights a year. They place their bets and then that's it.


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It will never be as popular as it once was, and that's mainly because of the UFC. The UFC has so many advantages over boxing because it is it's own company rather than a bunch of different companies (boxing) having to deal/compete with each other.

However, I do not think boxing will ever die, or at least not anytime soon. Boxing will ALWAYS be the number one sport in Mexico (there are TONS of Mexican-American fans who drive the sport nowadays), and it is actually growing in popularity in the East (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.). Boxing will always be big in the United Kingdom as well.

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