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Bipolar disorder


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Does anybody here suffer from bipolar disorder? I know that this can be a really rough condition, and I have some experience with those who go through it.

There seem to be many ups and downs. Hyperactivity and excitability intermingled with deep lows which are hard for the person to snap out of. Anyone who experiences this has my sympathy.


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I think we all kind of have it, but just at different levels. The majority of the time I am good, but there are some occasions where I just feel annoyed and angry. It's rare, but it just comes out of nowhere. But I don't think I'd say I have it.

I know some people who have it bad though, where one day they're happy and then the next thing their mentality flips to anger or depression out of nowhere.


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I know someone that was misdiagnosed with it.

He was on lithium for it. And took other meds for it for several years before another doctor told him we was misdiagnosed.

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