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Hi all, just a brief guide on how to embed media and such into your posts.

To embed an image, click the little landscape icon in the text editor. From here, you have two options: either link the picture URL directly (ie. hotlink it) or upload an image from your device. Both will allow you to add a picture or photo directly to your post.

To embed a YouTube video, simply paste the full video URL into the editor on a separate line. This will automatically insert the video into your post.

To call out somebody on the forum (to get their attention), you can type the @ symbol, immediately followed by their username. For instance, typing @Sparhawk into your post will alert me to the fact that somebody mentioned me, and I will receive a notification about it.

These are just a handful of the forum features that you will likely use on a regular basis. We plan to add to this post as time goes by and we receive further questions on how to perform certain actions on the forum.

Thanks for your attention!

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