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Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett drop out of presidential race


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Democrats Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett have both given up on their presidential campaigns.

I am not exactly sure why as I didn't delve too deeply into the back story, but I suppose them realizing their support just wasn't there sealed the deal. Yang was fairly popular, but I know Bennett struggled pretty much from the outset.

I wonder who will go all the way this year. Looks like it's now between Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer and Joe Biden. 


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Well, it looks like in the end there will only be Buttigieg and Sanders, judging by the results in New Hampshire.

Joe Biden is now pinning his hopes on states like South Carolina, but sofar his results are a disaster.
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Both idiots... but am worried about the rest of the candidates too. Look at that list posted right there ^ does that inspire any confidence, lol. 

Trump 2020!


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