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To give members an overview of what is available to them at Discussion Forums, we thought it prudent to write up a quick guide of the various features and functions here on the website.

Forums - the forum overview functions as the homepage of this website, and is where the bulk of the activity occurs. From here, you can jump into any sub-forum, start new topics, or reply to existing ones as you see fit. The only section not available for you to post in is the "Forum rules & announcements" sub-forum. You can read topics here, but you cannot reply to them or start new ones.

What's new - here you'll find an overview of the latest activity on the website, such as new posts and comments.

Articles - our database of online articles.

Media - we offer an image gallery section on our website, which is for members to upload any personal pictures they like. Please make sure any photos you upload are your own, and that you have the rights to them, as we do not allow copyrighted pictures.

Members - the members tab allows you to scan through the members of Discussion Forums, or to find someone specifically, quickly.

Chat - this is our chat room, which can be accessed and used by all members.

Should you have any questions about any of the features on the website, or how to use them, you are welcome to contact us at any time.
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