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  1. Eddie88

    Have they stopped producing TV shows and movies?

    With the corona going on, I'm wondering if all TV and movie studios are shut down too. I imagine they would be. How does that work as far as future entertainment? We will be put back a long time when new stuff is supposed to come out. We haven't even had anything new for a while as far as I know.
  2. Eddie88

    86% more prescriptions for psychotropic drugs

    Yikes. That's pretty shocking but I guess could have been expected if you really think about it. My own mental health hasn't been the best throughout this crisis but I am just trying to hang in there and make the best of it.
  3. Eddie88

    Will we get a second stimulus check?

    What do you think, will we see one? I got my first payment only recently. Pretty nice to receive. Could sure use another though. It's making staying at home a lot easier. I say we should all get what we can because it's a struggle for so many people to even stay afloat right now.
  4. Eddie88

    Should people be worried about government confiscating gold (again)?

    I think they could easily do it if they wanted to. It's not hard to start a confiscation really. Sure they couldn't exactly have people go door to door, but if it were suddenly illegal to hold gold, it would just be treated the same as narcotics.
  5. Eddie88

    US to cut all ties to World Health Organization

    What do you think of this? Seems pretty radical, but I know Trump has had enough of many of the older, overarching institutions of the world, especially those that are global. Too rash, or the right move...
  6. Eddie88

    The politically correct world has gone bananas

    It's insane and nobody in the real world cares about gender neutral language. Hopefully it's more of a fad, and dies a quick death. It's too difficult and cumbersome for people to adopt this type of language long term anyway. I think people are waking up to the fact that if you try to enforce...
  7. Eddie88

    Why do girls always do this?

    Makes sense, booze man. Thanks for your insight. :ROFLMAO:
  8. Eddie88

    Vitamin D and corona

    I have been reading a lot about vitamin D lately and how effective it is against corona. It seems like the ideal boost to the immune system, which would be helpful in resisting or recovering from covid. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, but it can also be taken as a supplement. It...
  9. Eddie88

    A second degree

    Yeah I don't have a second degree but I have to wonder if it would be worth it for most people. First off degrees are super expensive. Then there is the fact that they are not very job-oriented for the most part, unless it's a technical degree. Seems a waste of time and money to me (in most...
  10. Eddie88

    Would you eat in a restaurant like this?

    Does look pretty cosy in that video. Sign me up.
  11. Eddie88

    Trump going off on Obama

    Do you think Trump is right to criticize Obama so much for what's going on right now? He seems to be taking shots at him all the time lately. What's worse is that apparently, the Obama administration left behind a 90 page playbook for how to handle a pandemic situation, which Trump clearly did...
  12. Eddie88

    Anxiety and dizziness

    Could this be depersonalization? A kind of out of body experience. I have felt this sometimes when I am in a really bad situation. Kind of like you step outside yourself and life feels like a movie. Never really felt a spinning dizziness as such though.
  13. Eddie88

    Would you eat in a restaurant like this?

    Looks pretty cool! Especially on the water like that. It's still weird though, everything being in a glass jar basically. I don't think the virus was ever really that scary for everyday people with no pre-existing conditions.
  14. Eddie88

    Restaurants reopening

    It's hard to say. I just posted a topic about a favorite restaurant of mine that has closed its doors for good. I hope that things are back to normal soon but I really feel for those places that didn't make it. Seems like the restaurant atmosphere will be missing if they do have to keep...
  15. Eddie88

    Small businesses shutting down for good

    I was driving around my city today and I noticed a bunch of small businesses that look like they are gone for good. In particular, a Chinese buffet that I used to frequent has now packed up and won't come back. This really saddens me - I ate there for years and it feels like a piece of my own...
  16. Eddie88

    What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

    I drank a lot in my college years but have no real interest anymore. Occasionally a few beers but I can really take it or leave it.
  17. Eddie88

    In 1957 more then 116,000 Americans died in a pandemic and everything was normal

    Nowadays it seems like a virus or something similar can be used as a great tool for manipulating and controlling people. We have so much media now that they are able to program us to believe whatever they would like. Maybe back then they knew that it would be a lot harder to force people into...
  18. Eddie88

    Therapy experiences

    Good topic to discuss. I have been considering therapy. Not for covid 19 or anything, but it's more of an ongoing thing I think about.
  19. Eddie88

    According to Heathrow boss social distancing will never work at airports

    I wasn't under the impression that we would have to keep up social distancing over the longer term - do you think they can really enforce that? In the States they seem to be much more lenient about it. Nobody is really talking about extending the social distancing way into the future as far as I...
  20. Eddie88

    Twitter is now censoring cursing on their platform

    There's too much censorship. But, companies and websites have to keep advertisers happy. Those advertisers don't want a platform that is full of cursing and slurs. That's the problem in most cases, I think.