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  1. Eddie88

    Have they stopped producing TV shows and movies?

    With the corona going on, I'm wondering if all TV and movie studios are shut down too. I imagine they would be. How does that work as far as future entertainment? We will be put back a long time when new stuff is supposed to come out. We haven't even had anything new for a while as far as I know.
  2. Eddie88

    Will we get a second stimulus check?

    What do you think, will we see one? I got my first payment only recently. Pretty nice to receive. Could sure use another though. It's making staying at home a lot easier. I say we should all get what we can because it's a struggle for so many people to even stay afloat right now.
  3. Eddie88

    US to cut all ties to World Health Organization

    What do you think of this? Seems pretty radical, but I know Trump has had enough of many of the older, overarching institutions of the world, especially those that are global. Too rash, or the right move...
  4. Eddie88

    Vitamin D and corona

    I have been reading a lot about vitamin D lately and how effective it is against corona. It seems like the ideal boost to the immune system, which would be helpful in resisting or recovering from covid. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, but it can also be taken as a supplement. It...
  5. Eddie88

    Trump going off on Obama

    Do you think Trump is right to criticize Obama so much for what's going on right now? He seems to be taking shots at him all the time lately. What's worse is that apparently, the Obama administration left behind a 90 page playbook for how to handle a pandemic situation, which Trump clearly did...
  6. Eddie88

    Small businesses shutting down for good

    I was driving around my city today and I noticed a bunch of small businesses that look like they are gone for good. In particular, a Chinese buffet that I used to frequent has now packed up and won't come back. This really saddens me - I ate there for years and it feels like a piece of my own...
  7. Eddie88

    N95 mask making people pass out

    I read a news story the other day of a person driving in their car with a mask on, and ultimately crashing because of the mask they were wearing. Apparently, these masks are very good at trapping CO2 and not allowing enough oxygen in, so a person could quite easily faint if they are not careful...
  8. Eddie88

    Being high strung

    This is something I have struggled with for a long time. Basically, any annoyance, no matter how small, will set me off and make me very agitated and irritable. I will react too strongly to things, and make myself even more stressed out. I wish I could remain calm. I have been reading more...
  9. Eddie88

    End of lockdown = just the start of problems?

    Life in Wuhan is just starting to get back to normal, according to a CNN article I read today. But although things are slowly opening back up, it seems like this is only the start of the problems for the area. Businesses are struggling or unable to reopen, jobs are scarce, and consumers are...
  10. Eddie88

    Your favorite color on a car?

    What is your favorite car color? I have always thought a lot depends on the type of car. I love red or yellow for a sports car. Black for a luxury sedan. My least favorite car colors are blue, gray and green.
  11. Eddie88

    Kim Jong Un on his death bed?

    So there are lots of reports floating around that Kim Jong Un is on his last legs after having trouble recovering from surgery. He has had problems with his organs and joints because of chain smoking and obesity, and he has had prior surgeries as well. He missed a very important national...
  12. Eddie88

    Possible second wave in winter

    A top doctor here in the states has come out and said that it's possible we will get another wave of corona in the winter this year. Surely at that point we will all have to carry on as normal? We can't seriously shut down the country again for months on end. Everything will have gone to hell...
  13. Eddie88

    Is the US becoming a welfare state?

    What with the stimulus checks and everyone getting unemployment, it seems like there is no incentive for people to get off their butts and do anything. Why would they, if they are being taken care of by the government? Most people don't even care about being seen as lazy. They are sick and...
  14. Eddie88

    I won't eat at drive thrus

    I hate smelly, greasy food stinking up my car. If you eat a burger and fries in your car, it will often smell for weeks. There's just a certain nastiness that comes along with a drive thru. Also, you run the risk of dropping a French fry down the side of the seat, where it's destined to stay...
  15. Eddie88

    Mental health and other people

    I got to thinking today about mental health in general, and how it's really other people that affect us and cause us problems, in many ways. If we kept to ourselves, we would be more balanced and mentally stable. At least, that is my feeling. I forget who said the famous quote "Hell is other...
  16. Eddie88


    What are some times in your life where you really felt manipulated or taken advantage of? Is there anything that springs to mind? This is something I have had a hard time with in my life. I have been used by several people. I'm not sure I'm really ready to go into all the details, but it's...
  17. Eddie88

    Are you an indoor person?

    Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors, generally speaking? I was always an indoor person, but I am finding that I am wanting to go out and do things that I never even had much interest in. That is because I'm not allowed to go out. One of those situations where you want what you can't have...
  18. Eddie88

    How long will the economic problems last?

    I was thinking today about all the knock-on effects of everything that is going on these days. I realized that the economy is in real trouble. Not just this week or even next month, but there are going to be major long term ramifications that many people have not even considered yet. Think...
  19. Eddie88

    The dangers of big bowls of food

    So as some of you know I have been watching what I eat and restricting my calories. What I have noticed is that people who are overweight tend to have large portions of food that are generally considered fairly "normal" like macaroni, or meat and rice, or a big bowl of pasta. The problem with...
  20. Eddie88

    Anybody keep up with the Formula 1 racing?

    So they have delayed the start of the new season and may wind up canceling the whole thing. That's crazy. When I was younger, I used to follow the F1 really intensively. This was back in the days of Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill. Looking back, I was just a baby really. But I preferred it...