What is the most unbelievable thing you have ever done?

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I suppose we all have done some things in our life that when we look back later, we cannot imagine if it was really us. The sort of thing that when you tell someone they look at you and think: Yeah sure.

At least, I have many of those episodes in my life. So I wonder sometimes, if I'm completely mad or if there are more people that have weird things in their life.

Something like this:

Years ago, there was a time when I was working as a computer programmer. I was employed by a major company who needed a very important critical computer program.

I racked my brains, but did not come up with a solution as how to program it. So, I went home and on the way home I bought a large crate of beer.

When I came home, I took a beer and started thinking. Then I took another beer and did a bit more thinking.
This proces kept repeating itself until the sun rose and the crate was more or less empty.

By that time I had finished my program and believe it or not, it was working and dit exactly what it was supposed to do.

Problem was that the next day I kept getting questions how I done it and that's the bit that I did not know. Half the night was blanked out memory wise, but the program worked.

Did youever have any weird experiences?


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That's a funny story. I can't really recall anything nearly as interesting happening to me. If I think of anything, I'll post it.


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I am not interesting enough to have stories like this. My life is so basic. Outside of doing things that people who know me wouldn't have believed or guessed I would be capable of doing, I got nothing. lol

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