Thinking of trying the OMAD diet (One Meal A Day)


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I'm thinking of trying the OMAD diet, as I am in need of some weight loss. I hear OMAD is a great way to help one lose weight and I am all for giving it a try. For those who don't know, OMAD is an acronym for One Meal A Day. It's a very simple diet, you eat one meal a day. You can either do it for life, or for a certain period of time, maybe a few weeks to a month, it's up to you.

Has anyone tried this diet? Does it work? I am going to give it a try soon so maybe I'll try to update this topic once I do. :)


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It's interesting to hear you write about this as I have been doing intermittent fasting on and off for about a year or so now.

The basic premise is that if we eat more than once per day, we are just giving our bodies more layers of stuff to digest before they can get to the burning of fat each day. So if we take away those added meals, our bodies can digest our one meal easily and then have enough hours left in the day to start burning fat.

It apparently also increases secretion of the Human Growth Hormone, which is beneficial when working out and building muscle.

It's worked fairly well for me, and I think the OMAD diet sounds pretty similar, so I would definitely give it a shot. Just remember to keep your calories fairly reasonable for that one meal, and to also work out if you can.

Once you are used to eating in this way, you won't feel too hungry outside of your normal eating time.

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