The politically correct world has gone bananas

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Everything we always considered normal has to disappear if it is up to the UN.

Anyhting as long as we live in a world that is politically correct.

Why don't people protest to stop this madness.

I will keep using the words as they have always been and someone does not like it, tough luck.

Can you imagine sitting in a bar and saying: "I have to phone my spouse otherwise she gets hopping mad"?


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It's insane and nobody in the real world cares about gender neutral language. Hopefully it's more of a fad, and dies a quick death. It's too difficult and cumbersome for people to adopt this type of language long term anyway. I think people are waking up to the fact that if you try to enforce some of the politically correct rules, that there's no way to tell where to draw the line. It's a slippery slope of stupid.


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I actually agree with this post from UN Women. As someone who follows most of their content and is a member of the Global Feminist Perspective, I fully believe that it is a matter of respect for someone else. People take their identity seriously, as they should. It doesnt mean you couldnt say like "Hey, I need to call my wife". Thats how you identify her and that is how she wants to he identified. It means that you shouldnt assume that another person is the same.

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