Tesla going to $6000


Some analysts are saying that Tesla stock could go through the roof - up to 6k per share.

Seems crazy, but that valuation is based on lots of future tech that Tesla seems best equipped to develop. 

I like the company a lot. I'm not sure if anyone here is into economics/the stock market but I thought this would be a cool topic.

Right now TSLA is trading at $572 a share. 



Staff member
It's funny you posted this a couple weeks back, Eddie. Had we followed your advice we'd all have been sitting on some nice cash by now.

This morning TSLA is at $804 per share. That's pretty crazy, I remember not long ago it was in the 300's (late 2019). Kind of annoying really, to have missed out on that! I wonder how far it will continue to climb. So far the trajectory of the stock is pretty amazing. It's looking like a pretty sure thing.

A simple question: Has Tesla ever made a profit or is it a company like Uber that burns cash and it's all based on: someday the company will make a profit.

I find these days that shareprices do not reflect in any way the true situation of a company like it used to.

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