Strange story of the chicken and the egg

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Jan 19, 2020
South America is fascinating because there's always something happening.

Like now there's a lot of excitement in Brazil because of an egg.

It's not just any egg, but an egg with with numbers and symbols depicted on the shell.

The news about this very special chickenegg has gone viral in Brazil, television crews are showing up on the farmer's doorstep en people are speculating like mad what it could be.

Here a video in Spanish that I can't understand because I don't speak Spanish, but it shows a television reporter visiting the farm to report on the chicken and egg problem.

So, what do you think this is?

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Jan 18, 2020
How strange. Who found they egg, and where did they find it, do you know?


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Jan 19, 2020
The man you see in the video, with the black and white shirt is the farmer who found the egg I believe.

He lives in Ceará, one of the 27 states of Brazil which is located in the northeastern part of the country on the Atlantic Coast.

That's all I can manage to find unless we have a Spanish or Portuguese speaking person who can tell us what's being said in the video.


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