Pro Wrestling


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Feb 14, 2020
Any fans of pro wrestling here? I'm speaking of the wrestling act instead of the sport. Though some will argue that it can be a sport. Anyway, I figure we can discuss pro wrestling in this topic, from companies like WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Previously WWF), AEW (All Elite Wrestling), Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and a bunch more in the US. You also have to account for the organizations in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and many other places.

Any fans here? Who is your all time favorite wrestler? Mine would have to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, or, maybe The Rock. It's tough to decide.


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Jan 18, 2020
Man, I used to watch all the wrestling back in the 90's. Jake the Snake, The Undertaker, etc. All great stuff. I lost interest as I got older, but for whatever reason, it all really captured my attention at the time. I guess it felt like a real-life video game, when I think back on it. At the time I was playing Street Fighter II, and I guess now it's quite easy to see the parallels.


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Feb 14, 2020
I was mesmerized by it when I was a kid, especially after watching anything by Rey Mysterio Jr. back then. I remember recording WCW shows on VHS while I watched WWF on another tv lol. I had to catch them both afterall. These days I don't take it as seriously, but I still check in some of the WWE stuff and I've been mostly keeping an eye on AEW.

I get a kick out of anything comedy related with wrestling though, especially what Matt Hardy has done with his broken gimmick and all that. Just search for Matt Hardy Broken on YouTube and you should be able to find some comedy gold up in there.


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Feb 21, 2020
UDERTAKER all the way, I was loving that guy, scaring people, I know it was all an act but damn was it a good act. WWE was nice, and the games were fun to play against your friends, but I didn't watch anything in the last 8 years or so.

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