Political correctness


Jan 25, 2020
What is this forum's view on political correctness? I don't want to be a part of something where everything is censored and there is no freedom of speech. 



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Jan 18, 2020

I wouldn't like to speak for the others, and as of yet we're still a small board, but I'd like to think we can discuss most topics here, and that the majority of members come from a place of kindness. Time will tell, but we hope to cultivate a large, friendly group of members as the website grows.

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Jan 19, 2020
Hello NRG,

Welcome on this board.

In my view we live in a strange world, where it seems sometimes that rather than making progress, we are going back in time.

A bit like the Middle Ages where if you said certain thing you could end up on the stake.

As far as I'm concerned freedom of speech is worth defending at any cost, but at the same it also implies that you respect the opinion of others, even if you totally disagree with them.

I think the key is: try to listen to other arguments, respect other people and their opinions and don't accept censorship, because somebody else demands it.



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Jan 19, 2020
I think people should have freedom of speech but don't use that freedom just to be an outright jerk. People use their overt objection of political correctness and their personal views to be extremely disrespectful and intentionally hateful in the world. Have compassion and respect for people. Of course you dont have to agree with other people and you dont have to like what others have to say; but everyone should mindful of how their words might affect someone. I dont think people should be forcefully censored but I do think that there are times and places where people should censor themselves. 



Jan 27, 2020
I think political correctness reach is overestimate, it belongs to the tv, media and politics. Really we must be respectful of each othe in real life, and we are not missing anything important by political correctness in the media, standup comedy rutines? comic book characters? sifi movies? Those are just show business, yes sometimes is annoying when pc is very obvious, but in the end it doesnt affect our daily lives.

When I dont like something anymore I stop watching/reading.


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