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Indian leaders say drinking cow urine will cure coronavirus infection

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Well, here is at last the good news we've been waiting for.

There is a cure for the coronavirus after all and it is a simple one accoriding to Indian leaders.

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, president of the Hindu Mahasabha—a century-old organization that advocates Hindutva (or “Hinduness”)—declared that “consuming cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus.”

The swami added that a “person who chants ‘om namah shivay’ and applies cow dung” on his body “will be saved.” The Sanskrit chant is a salutation to Shiva, a Hindu deity.

The swami is a prominent figure in hard-line Hindu circles and has an ideological affinity with prime minister Mr. Modi.

Some say it's a modern day variation of the snake oil and I just hope they don't start applying this in Indian restaurants.



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I know the cow is holy over there, but holy cow!! They will use anything for a remedy, lol.



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It seems like a fairly common thing in countries like India, to try and apply ancient wisdom to modern ailments. I get why, it's more traditional and all over there, but surely there must come a time where you acknowledge that science trumps this kind of thing. 

Mind you, I have heard stories of people visiting witch doctors in various countries with reasonable success in some cases. 


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