Finally an indication of how long the lockdown will last

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It is very hard to predict exactly how long a lockdown because of the coronavirus will last. Luckily for us, the major banks have lots of clever analysts who are working non stop with all available data to come to some sort of a prediction.

One of these major banks, the Deutsche Bank has made the following predictions;

What do you think. Can you stick it out till then?


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Our restrictions are being made worse starting tomorrow. They aren't allowing more than a few people in a store at a time so there will be lines and hours of waiting time. Like, this doesn't make sense to me. People will be standing out in the cold to do their shopping and be standing right next to people.


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What do the colors mean?

Is the navy blue how long the lockdown as it stands will be and then the light blue will be it being lifted, followed by older folks being told they can come out and do their thing again?

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