Do you think Trump will get another term?


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The elections are fast approaching us and the battle lines are getting drawn up. Trump on the Republicans side looking for reelection and someone on the Democratic side. Who do you think will take the democratic nomination? WIll it be Biden? Maybe Bernie? I'm thinking we may see Bernie go up against Trump. I can see Biden, but I don't know if he's going to get the nomination. I think it'll be Sanders vs. Trump.

Who do you think will win the presidency? I think Trump is going to end up winning again. I just don't see any of the democrats being good enough to combat Trump. Maybe Sanders, but I don't think he will do well against Trump.

What do you guys think?


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Yes, I think he will. The democratic candidates are too weak to stand up to him, and lack true political expertise.

Sanders seems like a nice enough guy but he's also a little wacko and I'm not sure he has the support behind him to go all the way.

Probably going to be another case of Trump being the worst candidate, except for all the others.


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I was kind of interested in Andrew Yang, mainly because he wanted to give all Americans $1000 a month, which would have made me a happy boy lol. But I didn't see him having a chance when he started.
I think we might be in for a surprise.

None of the Democratic candidates poses a real risk for Donald Trump, except when they team up with Hillary Clinton.

And that is exactly what Michael Bloomberg has done, according to some news reports.

Some might argue it's a smart move: Bloomberg is going all-in on winning the backing of the Democratic establishment. By winning the Clintons as an ally, he can make inroads with their army of loyalists who still hold tremendous sway over the party apparatus, while appealing to more middle-class women and others who supported the Democrat last time around.
Bloomberg with unlimited funds and Hillary as Vicepresident. I think those two will form the opposition for Donald Trump and it's serious competetion because Hillary Clinton is still very popular in some circles.

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