Do you like seafood?


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I have to admit, I've always been pretty bad when it comes to seafood. I only really like heavily battered fish (ie. fish and chips style). I don't mind swordfish either. But I can't really do things like lobster, clams, crab, shrimp, etc.

For me, it always tastes like a worse version of meat. I don't understand how anyone could prefer seafood to a good steak or burger.

How about you?
I never liked fish, except when it did not look like fish, like fishfingers.
I think you either love seafood or you sort of hate it.

Besides that, I am a vegetarian now, so I never have to eat fish again.

But then, I know there people who love it, so don't listen to me


I absolutely love seafood! It's my favorite and I prefer it over any other type of meat. I'd much rather have some lemon trout or shrimp over a steak or 🤢 hamburger. Give me a pound of tuna salad and a couple cucumbers and I'll be set for a few days

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