Do you give money to homeless people/beggars?


Staff member
Jan 18, 2020
Just curious if anyone here does. I used to sometimes, but not anymore. I've seen way too many "homeless" people get into cars or turn around and buy booze. It's human nature to want to help others, but not when you see kindness being abused.


Silver Surfer

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Jan 19, 2020
Good point.

I find it hard to say no, but then if there are sort of professional homeless people making a good living out of begging, then it's a different story.

Then again I think that the majority of beggars are really poor people, especially in far away countries in Africa of India. I've driven in taxi's in New Delhi with loads of children hanging on the taxi begging for money and then you have another problem, because there are too many. 

It is never easy with people begging for things and I rather not bump into them if I can help it, because then you don't have make difficult decissions. 


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