Chain Restaurants or Local Cafe?


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Jan 19, 2020
Personally I dont like the chain restaurants that are the overlords of cuisine when you go out. I love little mom and pop bistros and the breakfast nooks that are only open 3 hours a few days a week. My best food experiences were in places that were locally owned with grandma in the kitchen. 

How about you? Anyone else not get the hype about Burger King or Outback Steakhouse? 



Staff member
Jan 18, 2020
I'm guilty of sticking with a handful of franchises I like. That's because I know what I'm getting and there are no surprises if I'm hungry and don't want to risk being stuck with something I don't love. I'm someone who really enjoys eating, so I'm not often willing to chance it.

I totally get the appeal of eating or drinking at somewhere different/authentic though, and if I'm not super hungry or whatever I am more than willing to stop in for a drink or snack. I could definitely do with being a little more adventurous in general, that's for sure.

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