Android or iOS?


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Jan 29, 2020
Which major mobile operating system do you prefer, Android or iOS? You can answer in regards to phones, tablets, or both.


There are definitely pros and cons to both. For phones, I prefer iOS. I have used Android phones and I love the versatility, but iPhones seem to always be faster/smoother and they seem to always last a bit longer than Androids before getting too slow/glitchy that you have to buy a new one. For tablets, it's close but I think there are a lot of reasons to go Android. Android seems to be a bit better for media as there are a lot of great media player apps on the Google Play store. . 



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Jan 18, 2020
I use Android exclusively. I'm not a fan of Apple marking products up to the degree they do. The specs on their devices are often sub-par at any given price point. They don't even list them if they can help it. They will say "Macbook mid-2019" and such instead of actually giving hard specs that can be benchmarked and ultimately deemed too mediocre for the price.

In any case, I've bought and stored all my media within the Google ecosystem so it makes the most sense for me to stick with them, even though I don't endorse their not so great privacy practices.


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Feb 14, 2020
Android for me. I'm more used to the system and the fact that it's more open than Apple products, wins me over. As well, you can do so much more with android it seems. Plus I like the fact that android is kind of open source, isn't it? If so, you can do a lot more for sure.

If I had an apple phone before I would maybe be a bit 50/50 on it, but since I've used Android only so far, I don't see a point in trying Apple products. But that's just me.
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