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  1. Sparhawk

    Would you go aboard this cruiseship

    Yikes, that looks terrifying. I went on a boat trip a few years back and was horribly sick. The-world-is-ending kind of sick. It was supposed to take 8 hours but it ended up being 13, as we went nose-first into a storm and the thing was rocking and plunging like you wouldn't believe. People were...
  2. Sparhawk

    The Batman

    Looks pretty awesome! I love the latest Batman movies. I meant to watch The Joker too, but I haven't yet. That's going to be first on my list, and then I'll see The Batman.
  3. Sparhawk

    Pro Wrestling

    Man, I used to watch all the wrestling back in the 90's. Jake the Snake, The Undertaker, etc. All great stuff. I lost interest as I got older, but for whatever reason, it all really captured my attention at the time. I guess it felt like a real-life video game, when I think back on it. At the...
  4. Sparhawk

    Joe Biden looking like top democratic candidate

    Now, more than ever, the above is true. I wish we weren't forever stuck in the republican/democrat war. It's so archaic and does not do any justice to the true diversity of the United States.
  5. Sparhawk

    Does your bank charge a monthly fee?

    This is something that bugs me - banks charging customers money just to own a checking account. It seems inconceivable that they're not able to make enough money when they get so much to play with, and only have to have an actual fraction of customer's money available at any given time. My own...
  6. Sparhawk

    Are you planning for retirement?

    Just wondering if anyone here is actively working on any type of retirement plan. What have you got going on? 401k, savings, investments/stocks, etc. You don't need to divulge too much if you feel it's too personal - just whatever you're comfortable sharing. I myself don't have much going on...
  7. Sparhawk

    Favorite old-school band

    What are some of your favorite bands from back in the day? There are many classic bands from the 60s and 70s that many of us love and enjoy to this day. The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, etc. I like the Kinks, the Beach Boys, and the Eagles. How about you?
  8. Sparhawk

    Last concert you went to?

    I've only ever been to two in my life; Michael McDonald and Coldplay (I know, super lame). These were both quite a few years ago though, I think 2006 and 2008 respectively. How about you?
  9. Sparhawk

    Best female singer?

    Which female singer do you think has the best voice? I always thought Whitney Houston was amazing (RIP). Of course we do still have Mariah Carey who is tremendous. As I'm getting older I'm not super familiar with some of the younger artists out there now. I'm sure there are some younger female...
  10. Sparhawk

    Thinking of trying the OMAD diet (One Meal A Day)

    It's interesting to hear you write about this as I have been doing intermittent fasting on and off for about a year or so now. The basic premise is that if we eat more than once per day, we are just giving our bodies more layers of stuff to digest before they can get to the burning of fat each...
  11. Sparhawk

    Do you like using Linux as your OS?

    I have never used Linux, I've been a Windows user since the 90s. It's not out of any great sense of loyalty to Microsoft, I just learned all the ins and outs of Windows 20-25 years ago and I don't want to have to bother learning anything new. I know all the tips and tricks and nuanced things...
  12. Sparhawk

    Basic forum how-tos

    Hi all, just a brief guide on how to embed media and such into your posts. To embed an image, click the little landscape icon in the text editor. From here, you have two options: either link the picture URL directly (ie. hotlink it) or upload an image from your device. Both will allow you to...
  13. Sparhawk

    Grossest food you've ever eaten?

    This shouldn't really be a "gross" food per se, but I once ate a green olive, just to try it, and for whatever reason my body completely rejected it. I've never had such a strong reaction to a food before. At least, not one as negative as that. There was this immediate sense of wanting to...
  14. Sparhawk

    Music hangout zone

    Great idea, we needed one of these threads! I've been listening to lots of feel-good oldies lately. The Beach Boys are among my favorites in that respect.
  15. Sparhawk

    What's your thoughts on the XFL?

    Hm, that's interesting, I've never heard of it. If it's this obscure I would fear for its future, but Vince McMahon does have something of a golden touch.
  16. Sparhawk

    Worst movie you've ever watched?

    I hate certain types of action movies. Films like triple XXX and Prometheus I thought were awful, although they're a bit older now. I also dislike some of the really bad horror movies Hollywood continues to put out. It's like there are just no standards anymore.
  17. Sparhawk

    Zodiac signs have changed

    One thing that's worth remembering is that the signs that are next to each other in terms of dates are a gentle overlap of one another. For instance, an Aquarius is quite similar to a Pisces, and an Aries quite like a Taurus. So it's possible that one sign is so much like the other that the two...
  18. Sparhawk


    I think the vaxxing thing is a little overblown. I mean in general things like vaccinations are a good idea but I'm not entirely convinced the world will come to a grinding halt if we stopped some of them. But to be fair, I don't have children and I imagine I would be pretty overprotective and...
  19. Sparhawk

    Want to start a garden eventually

    There are quite a few plants and flowers that will grow up there. Also many varieties of fruits and vegetables will work, even in that cold-ish climate. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, broccoli, cabbage, kale, lettuces, carrots, potatoes, green beans, peas, etc.
  20. Sparhawk

    Do you think Trump will get another term?

    Yes, I think he will. The democratic candidates are too weak to stand up to him, and lack true political expertise. Sanders seems like a nice enough guy but he's also a little wacko and I'm not sure he has the support behind him to go all the way. Probably going to be another case of Trump...