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    Little everyday things that irritate you

    It's very much happened to me most of the time when someone don't reply me soon and someone don't listen me that things really irratate me ...
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    What Country Would You Like to Visit?

    I would like to visit to UK I love to visit the great britan royal places in London ..
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    Do you prefer computer or TV?

    Yeah I would prefer but when I need some work at the computer then I would definitley prefer ...
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    Rabbit hops on London bus

    Wow ! it's so funny and cool to make everyone joy ... it's sound very cool..
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    How do you feel about a moustache?

    I don't think so mustaches can make the difference but in countries there is very importance in the mustcahes such as in the Asian countries such as in Pakistan ...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone I am a new member of this forum I would like to share my knowledge and experince over here...