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  1. Silver Surfer

    Last concert you went to?

    The last time I went to a concert the guy in the follwowing video looked a bit older than he did then. His name's Al Stewart and most younger people probably never heard of him. He's played with legends like Roger Taylor (Queen) and Rick Wakeman (Yes). I always loved his music and who knows...
  2. Silver Surfer

    Favorite Music Genre

    Thank you. I was going to ask what exactly K Pop is. But Google did help me a bit. Amazin all these types of music and I've never heard of them. Is it like
  3. Silver Surfer

    Joe Biden looking like top democratic candidate

    And we a little surprise, because Hillary Clinton had teamed up with Michael Bloomberg. I think if there is to be any serious competition for Donald Trump, this is it.
  4. Silver Surfer

    Little everyday things that irritate you

    Another thing that irritates me is when you wait in a supermarket or some other shop in the checkout line. Before it's my turn I have my money or card ready so as soon as I know the amount I can pay and make room for the next one. But, I seem to the only one. Other people wait and when it's...
  5. Silver Surfer


    As long as they are not studies, performed by scientist who either have links and/or funding from the major vaccine developpers as they pay for most of the studies and therefore get the result they wish for. The problem is that there are hardly any independent studies. Such as the following...
  6. Silver Surfer

    Have you ever seen a cloud like this one?

    The following was posted by a US gov worker at the national forest at Mount Shasta. The photo was taken on Feb 13th and shows a strange cloud in a cloudless sky, Have you ever seen anything like this and what would cause it?
  7. Silver Surfer

    Grossest food you've ever eaten?

    I've had twice where I nearly had to puke and both times it occurred on businesstrips. The first time happenend on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean. I was having lunch with some local businesspeople in the port of Heraklion. Beautiful surrounding and they would not let me order, because...
  8. Silver Surfer

    Did you get anything for Valentines Day?

    Talking about original presents. I just saw this one, where a pilot over the Netherlands managed to fly a route that created the following message on the radarscreens of Flightradar24. Before the flight he calculated his route exactly to get his message across:
  9. Silver Surfer

    Do you think Trump will get another term?

    I think we might be in for a surprise. None of the Democratic candidates poses a real risk for Donald Trump, except when they team up with Hillary Clinton. And that is exactly what Michael Bloomberg has done, according to some news reports. Bloomberg with unlimited funds and Hillary as...
  10. Silver Surfer


    There is plenty of evidence if you look around a bit. Like this video gives you a good example. Another interesting fact is that they introduced vaccination against measles at the time when the measles had virtually disappeared as you can see on the following picture. I am not against...
  11. Silver Surfer

    Are you a cat or a dog lover?

    The world seems to be divided in people that either love dogs or love cats, but not both. Ofcourse there are exceptions, but in general people love one or the other. It goes even further than that sometimes, because often doglovers hate cats and the other way around. What are you? And do...
  12. Silver Surfer

    Zodiac signs have changed

    The question is: Do you still trust your horoscope? What I always find is that these horoscope predictions are so general, they could mean anything. But, maybe there are some elements to all this that I don't see.
  13. Silver Surfer

    Did you get anything for Valentines Day?

    Wow, that is what I call an original present. I don't watch tv, but even I heard of General Hospital.
  14. Silver Surfer


    I would never take a vaccination, because I think they do more harm than good. There is too much evidence that vaccinations are not as harmless as you would think. They always claim that autism is not related to vaccinations, but here are the figures for the US up to 2014. This is always...
  15. Silver Surfer

    Did you get anything for Valentines Day?

    I did not expect anything for Valentines Day, but to my surprise the doorbell went this morning and there was this guy with an enormous bunch of flowers. I thought: wow, how could that be? Turns out the flowers were for the woman next door. So, as every year I got nothing. How about you?
  16. Silver Surfer

    Zodiac signs have changed

    And I have a general remark: How can a horoscope still be true if all the planets have changed positions? Anybody know how to solve that one. Might put a lot of people out of business I think
  17. Silver Surfer

    Zodiac signs have changed

    That is funny but at the same time a bit sad. How is the sister going to solve this problem? I had a similar thing with the name of my ex wife tattooed on my arm. These are serious problems
  18. Silver Surfer

    Tesla going to $6000

    A simple question: Has Tesla ever made a profit or is it a company like Uber that burns cash and it's all based on: someday the company will make a profit. I find these days that shareprices do not reflect in any way the true situation of a company like it used to.
  19. Silver Surfer

    Do you like seafood?

    I never liked fish, except when it did not look like fish, like fishfingers. I think you either love seafood or you sort of hate it. Besides that, I am a vegetarian now, so I never have to eat fish again. But then, I know there people who love it, so don't listen to me
  20. Silver Surfer

    Care homes for older people

    These sort of things are never easy and I don't think there are any sort of general rules. I all depends on the situation, but in general I am inclined to think that as long as people can stay in their own home en be independent the better. My mother is now 92 and she broke her hip 8 years...