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  1. NRG18

    Stand up comedians

    Who are your favorite?? I am watching Bill Burr again... totally hilarious... that guy is a legend. His bits about buying a gun, no reason to hit a woman, losing your sh*t etc. Dying over here. Any other specials on Netflix/Hulu you can recommend, drop them in here, we need more funny stuff on...
  2. NRG18

    Care homes for older people

    I am getting to the point where I have to decide what to do with my folks.  Married 42 years, bless em. But they can't go on in this situation. My mom fell and broke her hip in 2018, hasn't been the same since, struggling to get around etc. She uses a cane and gets some help, but it is just...
  3. NRG18

    High blood pressure

    Ya I am going to start being "good" about it. Doesn't mean I feel like it tho.  Why is high blood pressure really a big deal? Risk of stroke? I can understand if a blood vessel pops or something. But I feel like a person could go years without anything happening. It's more like a risk factor...
  4. NRG18

    Graphics card help

    Hey ya'll, quick question. I am kind of a newbie with pc building myself, even though I know a guy who usually does it. For a graphics card, does it make much difference, like between a GTX 1050 and 1650? I am having a hard time figuring out speed differences etc. Like which ones would work...
  5. NRG18

    Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett drop out of presidential race

    Both idiots... but am worried about the rest of the candidates too. Look at that list posted right there ^ does that inspire any confidence, lol.  Trump 2020!
  6. NRG18

    New member

    Thank you bud. I am digging the new layout for sure.
  7. NRG18

    Indian leaders say drinking cow urine will cure coronavirus infection

    I know the cow is holy over there, but holy cow!! They will use anything for a remedy, lol.
  8. NRG18

    High blood pressure

    Anyone here with high BP? My blood pressure has been high for 10+ years now but no negative effects yet... don't know why they keep getting on at me to change when this doesn't seem to be all that serious. Starting to doubt if high blood pressure is even a legitimate problem....
  9. NRG18

    Ever build your own PC?

    I get a guy to build PCs for me as I need them... he can source the parts for next to nothing because of his job. Lucky guy, and lucky me.
  10. NRG18

    What Country Would You Like to Visit?

    Hell I'm fine staying right where I am... who needs to travel to be happy when you feel like you are a lucky man. The furthest I am going this year is Alabama, and even that is a big "maybe."
  11. NRG18

    Trump has higher approval rating than Obama before election

    Pretty surprising actually. Trump is super divisive but I like him better than the alternatives... nobody wants to get behind a loser like Biden or Buttigieg.  The problem with these Democrats is that they lack strength and conviction... they have no back story, no context. I see a landslide...
  12. NRG18

    Gluten free?

    Oh hellll no. Yuk, yuk, and yuk again!!
  13. NRG18

    Kobe Bryant's death

    It's unbelievable. Feels surreal. I am heartbroken for the guy's family.
  14. NRG18

    Favorite fast food joint?

    We have many options round these parts... BK, McDonald's, Wendy's, Hardee's, Arby's, Cookout, etc. Which one you like best?? For me it's definitely BK. They just make quality fast food, even though it's more expensive than the others.
  15. NRG18

    Students suffer from separation anxiety when shool takes smartphone away

    Ha! Yeah I don't doubt that is happening, not for a second. Getting kids to part with their smartphones, good luck!! My own kids aren't too bad with it, but they are older now. 27 and 23.  People have anxiety about everything nowadays. When I was younger it was just, shut up and go to work...
  16. NRG18

    Own or rent

    I bought my own home here in eastern TN 22 years ago, been paid off for 9 years now. I love the freedom and cheap taxes on the place. When I was younger I rented properties all throughout the states on my travels but I always felt like I was throwing money away. Now the only problem I face is...
  17. NRG18

    New member

    Hi to everyone out there. I'm JC and I'm from Tennessee. Hopefully I can contribute round these parts. Been looking for a place to post my thoughts and ideas.
  18. NRG18

    Political correctness

    What is this forum's view on political correctness? I don't want to be a part of something where everything is censored and there is no freedom of speech.