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  1. BabyBear

    Fraternities and sororities

    I joined a sorority my first year of college. It was hard to balance. The socials were mandatory and you always had to look the part and of course meet all your requirements. I absolutely loved it and I feel as though I would have been a shut in without my sisters but it's not a walk in the park...
  2. BabyBear

    How often do you go to the gym?

    I used to go regularly. I did cheerleading and dance in high school but after graduation, that all went downhill. Now I go every once in a while but certainly not enough
  3. BabyBear

    Can You Cook?

    I can cook basic meals. Nothing fancy. I hardly ever cook at all really and when I do, half the time they're frozen prepared meals. Not exactly house wife material 😅😅 but I can make a mean french toast
  4. BabyBear

    Dean Martin and the Rat Pack

    So everyone knows who Frank Sinatra is. Everyone knows at least one of his songs whether they know it is him or not. Everyone knows he was part of the rat pack. What I dont understand is how everyone seems to leave out Dean Martin. He was the leader of the Rat pack and just as iconic. He had...
  5. BabyBear

    Favorite Music Genre

    Almost like K Pop.
  6. BabyBear

    Last concert you went to?

    The last concert I went to was for Brantley Gilbert. I absolutely loved it. It was in October of last year. I had so much fun but I got waaayyyy too drunk
  7. BabyBear

    Little everyday things that irritate you

    I know! I hate this too! I especially cant stand it when I'm already going 10 miles over the speed limit and they're still right on my tail. When they do that and then try to pass me..... OH THEN IT'S A RACE! Probably gonna get a ticket for it one of these days.
  8. BabyBear

    Where are you from?

    I was born in the mountains of Maine (US). It's a gorgeous place but the population is 4000 and getting smaller. We even removed the only stoplight there was 😂😂
  9. BabyBear

    Did you get anything for Valentines Day?

    My man got me the best present ever.... & he gave it to me a week early lol I watch this ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. Watched it every day since I was born really.... and he got my favorite character to make a video for me saying Happy Valentine's. I loved it loved it loved it...
  10. BabyBear

    Do you like seafood?

    I absolutely love seafood! It's my favorite and I prefer it over any other type of meat. I'd much rather have some lemon trout or shrimp over a steak or 🤢 hamburger. Give me a pound of tuna salad and a couple cucumbers and I'll be set for a few days
  11. BabyBear

    Glasses and/or Contact Lenses?

    I have glasses and I have the prescription for my contacts but I wear neither. I'm gonna be completely blind by the time I'm 40.
  12. BabyBear

    Do you have a good relationship with your siblings?

    I'd like to think I get along with my siblings. We've always been sort of forced to be together but have always been so different. Night and day different. We can have fun for a night together but usually by the end one of us is fighting with the other. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  13. BabyBear

    Chain Restaurants or Local Cafe?

    Personally I dont like the chain restaurants that are the overlords of cuisine when you go out. I love little mom and pop bistros and the breakfast nooks that are only open 3 hours a few days a week. My best food experiences were in places that were locally owned with grandma in the kitchen. ...
  14. BabyBear

    Do you prefer computer or TV?

    TV. I could binge watch my shows all day every day. I'm not much for computers. I find them pretty boring overall because I don't play games and I dont really surf the web. There's nothing I'd actually use it for. Even writing I prefer to do with pen and paper. I'm gonna be in real trouble when...
  15. BabyBear

    Favorite Music Genre

    I'm the opposite. I much prefer pop and jazz. Anything that's bubblegum or with a saxophone has got my attention. Rap and hip hop music I find very annoying. I think it's a bit annoying to listen to in general but I hate the lyrics 90% of the time. That's the worst part for me. 
  16. BabyBear

    Zodiac signs have changed

    I saw this in a news article for the Today show. It's CRAZY! I can't even believe it. Almost everyone in my family has now got a different zodiac sign. I've gone from a Gemini to a Taurus. I dont know how to feel about that. I feel bad for my younger sister though because now she is Aries and...
  17. BabyBear

    Do you prefer the cinema or watching movies at home?

    I prefer to watch movies at the theater. I hate the concession stand prices; but there's nothing like that giant screen, surround sound and movie theater popcorn. You just cant get that effect or atmosphere at home. 
  18. BabyBear

    Do you own a bicycle?

    I used to own a bike. I loved it when I had one because it was good exercise and I really enjoyed doing tricks. 
  19. BabyBear

    Do you have fear of heights?

    Everytime I see a movie or old news clip of these giant skyscrapers being build and the workers are just sitting on the 50th story eating their lunch, I'm just so fascinated. I'm jealous too because that looks amazing! I would love to do that! I mean I wouldnt want to fall but I would love that...
  20. BabyBear

    Would you ever use a dating site?

    No, I would never use a dating app. I dont like talking over the internet like that. I prefer to meet someone in person. Plus I just dont trust it. God knows who you're talking to at any given point. I might be talking to someone on the app and they're married IRL. No, I absolutely despise any...