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  1. Shole

    Where do you learn about nutrition for free online?

    Do you have any recommendations for learning about nutrition? I'd prefer for free something, even it is only the basics.
  2. Shole

    What will you do if the apocalypse hits?

    A plain but what plain would be enough tho? If the asteroid is too big would you be able to fly half around the world with it?
  3. Shole

    Are you tiered of negativity?

    I started avoiding news, and like pro femenist or pro male rights channels and such like I don't wanna hear any of those things anymore. Everyone thinks their side is right when in reality, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  4. Shole

    What would be a strange hobby people have?

    Did you ever meet someone with a strange or unusual hobby?
  5. Shole

    What will you do if the apocalypse hits?

    Edited it ;) Added choices but you can go ahead and make one up for yourself :D
  6. Shole

    What are weird ways you made money?

    I made a few hundred with writing erotica stories for Upwork and Fiverr clients. That was strange and weird for me as an 18-year-old. It might not be weird for others but I was amazed at that time you could make money like that.
  7. Shole

    What's the most boring sport in your opinion to watch?

    I do not like watching tennis or soccer, just too slow paced for me. How about you guys and girls? Do you have a sport you are like "meh can't watch that"?
  8. Shole

    Any Basketball Fans here?

    League changed since back then and I think it might make a turn around with the talented centers that are in the league now. But it is still fun, I watch it occasionally due to the games being at 3am my time...
  9. Shole

    What will you do if the apocalypse hits?

    I am curious of what would people do if the apocalypse is upon us. Scenario: You survived, your familiy mostly survived (Eg close relatives and some cousins). You chose where you are either at your old home(assuming you moved out) or in the place you moved out. You can choose scenarios for how...
  10. Shole

    Are you tired of having to collect so much in games?

    Well Wow when it started it was epic. But now what can you do? The problem with the gamer market is both the consumers and the producers. As many people who are like "We don't want boring quests" there is an equal amount who want them. The golden age of gaming was over for a bit but I am sure we...
  11. Shole

    Folding Smart Phones

    Looks good but it's not a new concept for me, as we had flip phones. The thing is if they were able to make it so the screen wont be easily broken. And that woman is just trying to be the female Steve Jobs, it is borderline creepy how she talks tbh. In conclusion, if I had the money I'd buy it.
  12. Shole

    Your thoughts on cannabis for health reasons

    I visited California and I must say CBD honey helped me relax my injury (knee torn acl). So I am all for it, and it will decrease crime, it will keep some people from going to jail and open a good lucrative business for some.
  13. Shole

    Pro Wrestling

    UDERTAKER all the way, I was loving that guy, scaring people, I know it was all an act but damn was it a good act. WWE was nice, and the games were fun to play against your friends, but I didn't watch anything in the last 8 years or so.
  14. Shole

    Agoraphobia and the desire to stay inside

    I did not have this problem until I suffered an injury that kept me in for 7 months. After that I had to adjust but since I had a few friends in my hometown due to it being small and people constantly leaving it was a bit harder. Then again I am not an outgoing person so for me it is...
  15. Shole

    Do you eat at home or go out to eat?

    I love going out to eat as I hate doing the dishes after I cook. Mom was right, I do use too many when I am cooking lol. But yeah generally I prefer going to a restaurant and explore food.
  16. Shole

    What's a good online game you guys would recommend?

    I am playing Rust, I am playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multi Player, Smite and Arma 3 as of now, I quit World of Warcraft due to the controversy with Hong Kong. So do you have any games that are good and easy to join in?
  17. Shole

    How tall are you?

    Tell me about it. I am like 98 kg that's i think around 210 lbs, and I look like ok, but I am a bit over the limit, since it's not muscles lol, yet still I look skinny.
  18. Shole

    Do you have fear of heights?

    Oh I am curious now, but how isn't it connected? Like is it just because it's more of a claustrophobic type of fear or? I don't understand it, my dad is afraid of hights and flying and if I can get him on the plain by explaining to him that he shouldn't be scared cuz it ain't the hights I will...
  19. Shole

    Have you ever wanted to go to a destination and when you arrived you were disappointed?

    Honestly that makes perfect sense. The bar I set was pretty high I guess, and without much research(I did some and found some negative stuff and I was like nah this ain't true, that's just some jaded person trying to make China look bad). But yeah be happy what you got, somewhere else it might...
  20. Shole

    Hi Shole Here

    Thanks :D