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  1. Shole

    Where do you learn about nutrition for free online?

    Do you have any recommendations for learning about nutrition? I'd prefer for free something, even it is only the basics.
  2. Shole

    Are you tiered of negativity?

    I started avoiding news, and like pro femenist or pro male rights channels and such like I don't wanna hear any of those things anymore. Everyone thinks their side is right when in reality, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  3. Shole

    What would be a strange hobby people have?

    Did you ever meet someone with a strange or unusual hobby?
  4. Shole

    What are weird ways you made money?

    I made a few hundred with writing erotica stories for Upwork and Fiverr clients. That was strange and weird for me as an 18-year-old. It might not be weird for others but I was amazed at that time you could make money like that.
  5. Shole

    What's the most boring sport in your opinion to watch?

    I do not like watching tennis or soccer, just too slow paced for me. How about you guys and girls? Do you have a sport you are like "meh can't watch that"?
  6. Shole

    What will you do if the apocalypse hits?

    I am curious of what would people do if the apocalypse is upon us. Scenario: You survived, your familiy mostly survived (Eg close relatives and some cousins). You chose where you are either at your old home(assuming you moved out) or in the place you moved out. You can choose scenarios for how...
  7. Shole

    What's a good online game you guys would recommend?

    I am playing Rust, I am playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multi Player, Smite and Arma 3 as of now, I quit World of Warcraft due to the controversy with Hong Kong. So do you have any games that are good and easy to join in?
  8. Shole

    Do you think it's too late to go to college again at 27?

    I am considering it, and having my mom who went back to it at 35 and then did her PhD and everything, I think it would be a good thing. I plan to grow my coaching career from youth to senior team and for that I will probably need to go 3 years to a college to get the best basketball coaching...
  9. Shole

    Where do you find new music?

    I go from time to time on YT and just type in billboard top 50 or 100 for month X. I miss the days of MTV actually having music shows n such, that was such an easy way to find music.
  10. Shole

    Did you ever try to earn passive income online?

    I did have it, and let me tell you something, passive income is the hardest income I worked for but also the most satisfying one. It is a lie that it can be passive, I mean it will require less work to maintain it but until you get to that point it's very hard!
  11. Shole

    Indirect Collection Starting

    Did anyone get some collections started just because he/she/it bought a thing and someone from the family saw it and thought you are collecting it so they bought you more? I have now over 50 spoons, out of which I bought two and my mom the rest. She saw me buy it once and now every time she goes...
  12. Shole

    Whats your favorite Sauce to make?

    Mine would be a cheese sauce, I don't care what I eat, I love to pour that thing all over it lol. It's a simple white sauce base with cheese added in it, but you can always go crazy on the spices and create a spicy one or a red one or whatever you want.
  13. Shole

    Any Basketball Fans here?

    I love basketball, and well since I work in the domain it is my dream job being a coach. So are there any other fans of basketball here? What do you like NBA or Euroleague (no one likes CBA let's be honest)?
  14. Shole

    Globalism or Each Nation for itself?

    Now I am sure it's not clear from the title what I am asking, so let me explain. Would you rather have a global politic system, where everyone is under the rule of a few people like a council or something, but there are open borders and stuff like that, or rather keep it the way it is with borders?
  15. Shole

    Have you ever wanted to go to a destination and when you arrived you were disappointed?

    I have been waiting for years (thanks anime) to go to Asia and see how it is, and all the amazing foods and wild tech. But I got to China, central China(Aka Hube/Wuhan area) and it was really subpar to what I thought it would be. Even China who had the reputation of a great country with 5000...
  16. Shole

    Hi Shole Here

    Hi everyone I am Shole, I am now 27 years of age, and I am a professional youth basketball coach. I've been working in Europe and Asia mainly, hopefully soon in America too. I love games, I love writing, and I love food lol. So yeah ask away if you are curious about more :D