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  1. Lucky

    Guns a hobby of yours?

    I have shot a gun before and my family owns one, but I wouldn't say I'm a gun enthusiast (yet). In the future I would like to buy a few different types for self defense, shooting for fun, and eventually hunting.
  2. Lucky

    Do you think we'll get more money from the government due to the virus?

    I've heard that some politicians are calling for even more aid in the future, but who knows how much spending the gov't is willing to dish out before they turn off the faucet haha.
  3. Lucky

    Favorite Music Decade?

    If you had to pick one decade in music to be your favorite overall, which decade would you choose? It's really tough, but personally I would probably have to choose the 2000s. Based on the music I listen to (rap and metal) I feel like the genres peaked in the early 00s for me. How about you all?
  4. Lucky

    Color vs Culture - Can we be individuals again?

    Spot on man. The media loves pitting the races against each other, especially in America. Every conflict between people who are 'different' has to be about race or gender or sexual orientation.
  5. Lucky

    What Type of Car Do You Drive?

    Nice. Mine was really low on miles when I got it as well, especially for the year. My car is almost as old as I am haha.
  6. Lucky

    Corona social distancing the Indian way

    Wow. Some people are seriously either very inconsiderate or just plain ignorant (or both). It's similar where I live, but we aren't on a total lockdown yet. People are out and about especially at night.
  7. Lucky

    Do you think sporting events will be cancelled into next year?

    I heard recently that the virus is projected to peak around April/May and slowly drop off from there. So hopefully the situation is well under control by the time next year rolls around. But you never know.
  8. Lucky

    What seems limited or hard to find in your area?

    Top 2 things right now that are always sold out where I live are probably toilet paper and lysol.
  9. Lucky

    Would you live in a tiny home?

    They are actually not that expensive relative to the cost of most tiny houses. You can buy a kit that would power your shed for anywhere from roughly $500 to $2000 depending on your energy needs. If you're just looking to power a few light bulbs, a fan, and maybe somehow hook up a...
  10. Lucky

    Do you think doing stationary exercise could work?

    Stationary bikes are awesome. And for an office setting, jumping jacks may not be a bad idea depending on if you can do them comfortably in your work clothes and how visible your office space is to others (you not only might look a little silly, but you may also be distracting to others lol).
  11. Lucky

    Free Browser games

    I love ArmorGames.com, they got a lot of flash/browser games along with ratings and reviews for all of them so you can find the best ones easily. Used to play them all the time as a kid.
  12. Lucky

    Free Browser games

    Nice, I'll have to check those out. Here is a list that I found which has some pretty nice browser games: https://www.pcgamer.com/best-browser-games/ One of them is slither.io, which is a fun little game that I'm sure a lot of y'all have played already. It's kind of like snake but multiplayer.
  13. Lucky

    Would you live in a tiny home?

    That's a cool idea man. I thought about doing something like that, except not specifically for streaming and gaming. Building a small wooden building on a concrete foundation with insulation, windows, etc. and seeing if I could power it using solar panels so I wouldn't have to worry about wiring...
  14. Lucky

    Oil Pulling

    Interesting. I might try it out and see what happens. I use antiseptic mouthwash already but anything that may help keep me from extra visits to the dentist is worth a shot lol.
  15. Lucky

    Would you live in a tiny home?

    Yeah some of them are not good values. I would only buy one if it would be significantly cheaper than buying say, a mobile home. In my area, you can buy a move-in ready mobile home (800-1000 square feet) AND property/land for as low as $50 to 70k. I know trailers are 'off limits' for a lot of...
  16. Lucky

    Officially in 14-day lockdown

    Exactly. You can just say you're on your way to one of those essential places or going to another location in a different area. I'm not sure what they would be able to do to prove that you're not telling the truth.
  17. Lucky

    Corona social distancing the Indian way

    India is such a crowded country and the people kind of like to do their own thing. It'll be hard for the gov't to get these folks to stay inside/keep their distance from others. I hope things don't get too bad over there.
  18. Lucky

    How many computers do you own?

    I have a Windows desktop and two Chromebook laptops. 95% of the time I use my desktop or phone, I mainly use my laptops for watching Netflix, YouTube, etc. but I haven't had as much free time to do so recently.
  19. Lucky

    Tiger King

    Wow that actually looks like an interesting series. Dude even has a country album haha.
  20. Lucky

    Do you think doing stationary exercise could work?

    Or walk around the room, maybe in a circle or walking in a short line and then turning around. But even walking in place can help you burn calories, it's just not going to be enough to make a huge difference or make your heart stronger.