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  1. TaffyApple

    Do you think sporting events will be cancelled into next year?

    Hard telling anymore. If people do not start staying home it will never go away! I realize you need to get things to eat and medications. But you do not need to take your whole family with you. Nor do you need to visit anyone that does not live with you. We are facing that right now...
  2. TaffyApple

    Bullet Journal

    Has anyone ever done bullet journaling? I am thinking I will try it. I think it will hold me more accountable. In my bullet journal for the month of April, I am going to concentrate on getting enough water in my day, taking my meds and supplements, my skincare routine, doing affirmations, and...
  3. TaffyApple

    What is your morning routine?

    Mine looks different from when I am working. Right now I am laid off. So I sleep in until about 8:30 or so, then get up and have coffee and water. I will check emails, Facebook, and then start in on a load of clothes or dishes. Then I make my husband and me an early lunch. After that, it...
  4. TaffyApple

    How to create a real corona wedding

    That is creative. My coworker is supposed to be getting married in May. However, they are postponing the wedding until later this year. I would not want to postpone, but yet I have a large family and would want everyone there with me. So I would have to postpone it if I were to get married.
  5. TaffyApple

    Angular Chelitis

    Has anyone ever had angular cheilitis? It is the painful cracks as the side of your mouth. I have it right now and it is awful. My mother used to get it too. I have tried so many different things for it. It will clear up and then come back again. Right now I am using vaseline mixed with...
  6. TaffyApple

    Do you pray?

    Do you pray? I used to think that praying was getting down on your knees and saying prayers such as "Our Father". But I have come to learn that praying can be just talking to God. I have seen prayer work. I think it is a good idea to do. I know that I am not the best at it, but I guess...
  7. TaffyApple

    Anyone plan on refinancing?

    Our interest rate is fixed right now. When we first bought our house, we did a 5-year loan where we paid monthly payments, then after 5 years, we owed the remainder, called a balloon payment. Then we just went back and redid the loan process, where the interest rate could change depending on...
  8. TaffyApple

    Charcoal toothpaste

    I have used it twice now. I am sort of weirded out by my mouth being all black. But my teeth appear to be whiter so I am happy with that. I do not like that it does not have fluoride in it. But I also have my ACT wash so I can supplement it with that. And I figured that I would switch back...
  9. TaffyApple

    We now have the coronavirus challenge

    I just do not understand these challenges! I saw one where a girl licked an airplane toilet. How sick do you have to be to do that? Makes me gag just thinking of it. And then another guy did it and said he would never catch the virus. Guess what...now he has it. I also saw where one lady...
  10. TaffyApple

    What is your favorite candy bar?

    Oh those are so good! Last week at Walmart they had them marked down to a quarter each! I grabbed $2 worth because my husband loves Reese's Pieces.
  11. TaffyApple

    What is your favorite candy bar?

    What is your favorite candy bar? I love Snickers. My favorite way to eat them is to eat the nougat part first, and then eat the peanut part. I am also a fan of dark chocolate. And pecan rolls. Oh, I also like Mr. Goodbar, Reeces PB cups, Dark Milky Ways, and so many more. I can't forget...
  12. TaffyApple

    Charcoal toothpaste

    Does anyone ever use charcoal toothpaste? I just bought some today. I have been really been a fanatic lately about my teeth. Brushing, flossing, rinsing, the whole nine yards. I have used charcoal products on my face before and really like them. I am hoping that I like this toothpaste...
  13. TaffyApple

    What is a good color for a bathroom?

    We repainted our bathroom a few years ago and did purple accented with gray. The vanity is white and the floor tiles are a metallic black. Before that, we had an ocean themed bathroom. Floors were white, the trim was white, and the walls were blue. I painted an ocean mural on the doors of...
  14. TaffyApple

    Anyone ever have a kidney stone?

    Yes, I have had one and it hurts. Drinking lots of water is essential. My doctor also told me that lemon water was good. She said even drinking the Crystal light lemonade was fine. Maybe you could try that and see if it helps you to prevent them.
  15. TaffyApple

    Rebounding for better skin!

    It sounds easy enough to do. But I wonder if it gets boring. That is my big thing. Boredom will make me want to stop something as soon as I start.
  16. TaffyApple

    Favorite Music Decade?

    The 80s for sure. I love hair bands. Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, KISS, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Def Leppard. So many more. They have the best music and I just find that it speaks to me. And those guys can really sing!
  17. TaffyApple

    Tiger King

    I had never even heard of it until recently. A lot of people are posting comments and memes about it on Facebook. Guess now I know what it is.
  18. TaffyApple

    What root beer do you enjoy?

    I like both A&W and MUG. I do not drink root beer a lot, but when I do, I enjoy it. And I agree root beer floats are so good. Did you see they are making a root beer peeps? I would be interested in trying that.
  19. TaffyApple

    Old cups

    My sister used to collect cups when she was in elementary and junior high. My dad loved coming home with a new cup or two for her to add to her collection. My dad thought it was important to collect something. I collected sports/water bottles.
  20. TaffyApple

    Anyone plan on refinancing?

    Anyone plan on refinancing their home? Right now rates are great. We are looking into doing this. I am hoping it works out for us that we can save. I guess any little bit helps.