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  1. Jad3Drag0n

    What is the most unbelievable thing you have ever done?

    I am not interesting enough to have stories like this. My life is so basic. Outside of doing things that people who know me wouldn't have believed or guessed I would be capable of doing, I got nothing. lol
  2. Jad3Drag0n

    World population has grown with 160,000 people today

    If you look at death charts, you will see that even with this virus and the normal flu, we are still not losing a lot of life. The death rates were high in 2016, more so than right now. This virus is a big deal for older folks because it can kill them but this is only the case if you are...
  3. Jad3Drag0n

    Celebrity worship

    I don't get it either. It reminds me of high school. Like these people have money and popularity so everyone loves them... It makes no sense. I remember people doing the same for the popular kids in school. It grossed me out then but this grosses me out even more. Just because someone has money...
  4. Jad3Drag0n

    This was us, just a few years ago

    I remember seeing a few of these as a kid. Not quite the same but similar. Amazing to think how far we have come in such a short amount of time. Just 20 years ago, computers weren't in every home, not everyone had a cell phone, and most people still relied on older tech.
  5. Jad3Drag0n

    China is using high doses of vitamin C to treat people

    Vitamin C has been curing people of illness since pirate days. Most people know what it can do and how powerful it is but seldom is it recommended by doctors these days and I think that is because it comes down to money. The pharmaceutical companies need to make their money so they string people...
  6. Jad3Drag0n

    Why do young people in the US want socialism?

    Have you ever watched Futurama? In that show, they have the one-world government. A lot of people are expecting the world to shift that way but as it stands right now, we are nowhere near that. Just looking at places like Iran and the middle east, they won't agree to anything. What will have to...
  7. Jad3Drag0n

    Finally an indication of how long the lockdown will last

    What do the colors mean? Is the navy blue how long the lockdown as it stands will be and then the light blue will be it being lifted, followed by older folks being told they can come out and do their thing again?
  8. Jad3Drag0n

    What are some of the strangest things you found online?

    I have seen much worse than that on Deviant Art. Never went looking for it but rather other things and it would just pop up. Art... Is a strange beast when it comes to the internet lol
  9. Jad3Drag0n

    Have you ever had a garden?

    By a garden, I mean one to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, etc. I know most fruit needs more room because it tends to grow on trees so that likely isn't as common but anyone can grow vegetables or herbs. I have some seeds, not sure if they are still any good or not but I am thinking of trying...
  10. Jad3Drag0n

    What subject were you best/worst at in school?

    I was terrible when it came to History as well. I just got bored. I would get better grades when it was something that interested me but you could tell when I was not interested. My best subject was English though. I always got good grades in that.
  11. Jad3Drag0n

    New hobbies due to quarantine

    Do they have paints and wood crafts that can be painted? I will have to check it out. If the shipping deal is over, I am sure they will have another deal going.
  12. Jad3Drag0n

    Do you budget your spending based on need?

    Walmart does have decent furniture for cheap, just a matter of not damaging it when you are putting it together. Reinforcing items is always a good idea.
  13. Jad3Drag0n

    What are you disinfecting with?

    Just 70% which I think is the standard you will find in the store. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done and way cheaper than using Lysol and other cleaning products.
  14. Jad3Drag0n

    What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

    Smoothies are good. I haven't had one in years. Do you drink the ones that are yogurt blended or just fruit?
  15. Jad3Drag0n

    Why do you think people struggle with losing weight?

    I think in the US, food companies are allowed to be off by as much as 200 calories when it comes to meals. So that frozen meal you enjoy that is 300 calories might end up being 500 and you would not know any different. I think this is because ingredients and amounts can change batch to batch in...
  16. Jad3Drag0n

    What are you disinfecting with?

    I keep my place clean normally so I am not fussed. I do in fact use hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen as well as rubbing alcohol to clean off surfaces. I do a mix of 40/40/20 with peroxide, alcohol, and water and keep it in a sprayer. Cheap and effective.
  17. Jad3Drag0n

    Why is no one addressing Biden's mental health problem?

    I think age doesn't matter when you consider the experience in different aspects. Like Trump has the most business experience I think we ever had in a president. Though the only thing I can think about now is them trying to get Biden in office and Hillary killing him to take his place. I still...
  18. Jad3Drag0n

    New hobbies due to quarantine

    I really can't think of anything but I have been considering looking into some kind of arts and crafts thing to do. Maybe buying some wood items and painting them to pass the time. I know craft stores are running all kinds of sales online right now.
  19. Jad3Drag0n

    What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

    I drank Crystal Light for years back in the day. I did it to replace soda and juice. Helped me lose some weight even which was a bonus. I didn't know they still made it. I think the last time I drank that stuff was 10 years ago.
  20. Jad3Drag0n

    Is TV and are movies too PC these days?

    That sounds like a terrible movie. I don't get what people don't understand about statistics. You are more likely to get struck by lightning than raped in college. It just doesn't happen like they say. Most of the time, both members drink too much, engage in sex, and the woman feels horrible for...